Mozilla for Users (mozU)

The original motivation behind this project was the continued stance that they would only create builds intended for developers and distributors and not the end-user community. This resulted in a lot of demand for builds that closely tracked for the latest features and fixes but without the developer targeted Debug/QA menus or the extra fluff typical of third-pary applications.

However, when Mozilla 1.0 was released it was decided to give in -- just a little -- to user demands and the Debug/QA menus were removed. Users happily downloaded builds from but they were still missing a spellchecker. Many users were unwilling to download a new distribution just to get the spellchecker and demanded XPIs instead. Unfortunately, XPIs were not available for UNIX/Linux at the time do to compiler issues.

So, since this project was originally created to meet users' demands, as their demands changed so has the project. I now use this project primarily for building and distributing UNIX/Linux Spellchecker XPIs.

If you have any suggestions on how this project should be used in the future please post it to the project forum. Logo